HiFi Audio on Mobile: Where Tecno Phantom 5 Stands

Most smartphone users use their devices a lot for listening to music and most can tell the difference between a poor sound quality and HiFi sound. Consumers’ choice can be greatly influenced the by way the the music quality of a smartphone and it appears this is why OEMs are taking this even more seriously.
Tecno Phantom 5 top
In the long run, top OEMs  strive to outdo competition with their flagship devices so as to stay relevant and we’ve seen some amazing devices with high quality sound over the past couple of years. Audio quality has gotten much better on smartphones and until now, HiFi audio has been a difficult task to achieve on these little mobile devices.

HiFi audio on TECNO PHANTOM 5

Most of these music phones with quality audio are equipped with top-of-the-line chipsets and come to think of it, the new TECNO PHANTOM 5 boasts the latest MediaTek TFA9890 with advanced internal boost converter which raises output voltage to the phone’s Dolby stereo speakers. I came accross a Youtube video by MissTechy where she did a video test on Tecno Phantom 5 audio and I was impressed. You can check it here.

The result, true HiFi surround as clear as natural sound even when you crank up the audio volume of TECNO PHANTOM 5, sound distortion is minimal-this is truly first of its kind!

If the bass is clear and makes you nod to every beat, my guess, the stereo speakers are great and the chipset fantastic.

Hi-performance chipsets in smart phones mean more power (Watts) to speaker stereos but not all smart phones with monster chipsets play HiFi audio.

Dolby 2.0 Nature surround stereos
There are powerful chipsets out there especially donned by luxury smart phones but a handful of these smart phones boasts advance music reverberation stereo speakers both external and on headphones.

TECNO PHANTOM 5 is equipped with state-of-the-art Dolby HiFi 2.0 stereos custom designed for HiFi audio. These speakers deliver clear and loud music with minimal distortion of sound when the volume is cranked up-it doesn’t matter their small surface area.

Best music phones of 2014 Vs newcomers of 2015

HTC One M8 ruled 2014 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset which delivers 1.28V voltage to Dolby “Boom sound” stereos.
HTC One M8 & Apple iPhone 6
HTC One M8 & Apple iPhone 6
Apple’s September launch, iPhone 6 came really close but the single speaker system of the world’s favorite smart phone let it down, with slightly higher noise (noise 65dB, a notch higher than M8’s 64dB) iPhone6 stayed glued to second position.

Music newbies of 2015

It took a TECNO PHANTOM 5 to scale the HiFi audio hurdle.
HiFi Audio smartphones
2015 have seen flagships don impressive chipsets like Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 as seen on HTC One M9 and M9+), SAMSUNG Exynos 7420 Octa-core which is on Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and Edge+ and Apple SoC (iPhone 6S?) But as impressive as these premium smart phones are, their audio output do not deliver HiFi. My guess, the specs war for top brands tilted more towards design, internal storage space and mobile payment services-Samsung Pay Vs Apple Pay…scores, anyone?
In conclusion, TECNO Mobile products have mature in terms of design, user experience and all round performance over the years, little wonder the brand has repositioned itself as a mobile entertainment stop-shop-we’ve seen flagships that target specific market segments like music lovers (TECNO BOOM J7) and picture aficionados (CAMON C8) launched in Nigerian market half year of 2015.
The question everyone is asking is will TECNO’s rising premium status and reinforced market strategy further erode market share of global heavyweights like SAMSUNG, Apple and HTC in Africa? That remains to be seen.
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