Security Lock Options Grayed Out on Android

was trying to set up a VPN connection on my Android device the other day and I was asked to enter a credential storage password. I couldn’t remember what the password was and I couldn’t even remember setting up one. I kept trying different passwords till I got a message that the credential storage had been cleared. I was able to setup the virtual private network but before that, the device asked me to set up a passcode. I did. After doing this, I realized I couldn’t disable passcode lock any longer. The other security options like face unlock too were grayed out. grayed out unlock options Android security settings showing grayed out unlock options Disabled by administrator, encryption policy or credential storage. Fixing this is very easy and should take less than a minute Go to Settings > Security Scroll down till you see Clear Credentials.credential storage Tap Clear Credentials and select OK to confirm.clear credential storage You should see a message displayed showing that the credential storage has been erased. By now, if you try going back to your security lock options, those grayed out options should now be properly displayed and selectable: android security unlock options This is quite an easy fix to a problem that looks rather complicated.
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